Breaking: Dumb, Racist Idiot Posts Dumb, Racist Article 

 Some people are dumb. Robert Spencer writes for a website that is dumb and racist called Jihad watch. I’m generally anti jihad as it pertains to killing people and Isis, but insofar as looking out for jihad by insinuating that because Nazem Kadri is Muslim he actually intended to kill Mark Giordano is dumb racist and generally a dick thing to say. If the NHL suspended every player who threatened to kill another player they wouldn’t have anyone to play the games (actually they should do this- I could keep my mouth shut and probably get at least a cup of coffee with someone). 

I went to Robert Spencer’s dumb racist website (don’t do that, it is pretty depressing) and I learned that he has been banned from the United Kingdom for being a dumb, racist idiot. I like the United Kingdom. He has also been “boycotted” by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, I assume in the same way that I have been “boycotted” by the Victoria’s Secret Angels 


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